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Insurance Fraud

We specialise in assisting people who have had insurance claims rejected on the basis of suspected fraud. We can represent you and advise you on how best to proceed with your case.

In recent years insurance companies have become more likely to reject insurance claims on the basis of suspected fraud, however they do get things wrong and innocent people are sometimes accused of this type of fraud. We will rigorously defend you if this has happened to you.

What is insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is any act committed with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer.

Domestic Insurance Fraud

Domestic insurance fraud can take many forms, from the deliberate causing of an accident or damage to property to falsifying or exaggerating claims or even staging a false burglary.

Our expert solicitor is experienced in dealing with this type of case and can advise you on how to handle this type of situation.

Application Fraud

When taking out a policy a person is not truthful on their application in order to obtain a lower premium or other favourable terms. This can include things such as not disclosing past claims or endorsements.

Motor Insurance Fraud

Motor insurance fraud has been on the increase in recent years and has also garnered a lot of publicity. It can take a number of forms including:

Staged accidents or ‘Crash for cash’

Two or more individuals will deliberately crash into one another with the aim of claiming for damage as well as personal injury such as Whiplash.

Fake or ‘Phantom’ passenger claims

Passengers who are not injured claim to have sustained an injury and therefore claim for accident compensation. This can relate either to a real accident or a staged one.


This is where an insurance policy is taken out by using another person’s details in order to get a reduced premium or other favourable terms.

Please contact us if you have had a claim rejected and or been accused of fraud relating to your insurance policy.

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